pH Value Discovery Factory (exclusive | medical grade)

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Children love nothing more than to explore adult careers through play. In this chemistry challenge, your kid will perform pH measurements with 6 testing specimens to identify acidity and alkalinity. The kids will also experience the basics of simple chemical qualitative analysis.

With everything you could ask for in a science lab for kids, this set will provide hours of exploration and enjoyment for your junior chemist.

Ideal for age 5+.

Kit contains
  • Teaching plan: Step-by-step instruction guide
  • Worksheet pack (including pH color chart; food pH list; activity sheet x2)
  • 6 testing specimens (Contained in medical grade cryogenic vial tubes with silicone washer seals & external threads)
  • pH test strips x20
  • Large test tubes x4 and small test tubes x2 (with lids)
  • Test tube stand (6 holes)
  • Dropper
  • Art brush
  • A small bowl of water (Please prepare)

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