2018 Summer Camp: Mensa-inspired iBanker IQ (4-hr, beginner) (Age 7-13) | 智商俱樂部夏令營

Mensa is the largest high IQ society in the world. To qualify for membership, applicant must score at the 98th percentile or above on a standardised, supervised admission test. This is equivalent to an IQ score of 132 or higher. A maximum of two test attempts are allowed in a lifetime.

Mochy Kid is here to nurture your kid's passion for IQ, cognitive and social development by guiding your kid into an i-banker's mental thinking.

This beginner level camp is available in Wong Chuk Hang (WCH) & Kennedy Town (KT). Early bird price from $1,520 (i.e. $380 /hr).

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Topics Covered

Beginner level -

  • Mensa-inspired trainingMaster the key techniques such as rotation, symmetry, reflection and progression in order to pass the Mensa test with ease. The class would be conducted in an interactive manner. Each student will have his own ability matrix with detailed analysis of the areas and skills to be improved.
  • Rubik's cube solvingLearn how to use the 'layer by layer' method to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in 2 hours!
  • Speed math drillYes! You can be faster than a calculator. We will offer some guides and tricks for children to do really fast mental maths. After the completion of this class, you might be able to find the answers of the following questions in 5 seconds! 

    ○  83+26+19+74+17
    ○  1+2-3+4-5+6-7+8-9+10
    ○  97x103
    ○  375x16
    ○  25x19x8x2

Intermediate & Advanced level -


Lead Instructor: Mr. T. Wong

  • Medal-winning HK team member of Math Olympiad
  • Qualified Mensa member
  • Investment banker

“I’ve always been a math enthusiast even before kindergarten. Some may find Math boring, but Math is indeed extremely fascinating once you know the logic tricks. Math trains your brain to think critically and solve problems.” - T. Wong


English & Cantonese



Wong Chuk Hang (WCH) / Kennedy Town (KT)


We also accept bank transfer to our HK Citibank account. A/C no.: 4579 1678.



Light snacks provided in class.


Call (852) 6776 8724 or email hello@mochykid.com

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