Magnetic fishing



Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
What better way to introduce the physics of magnet to kids? This classic magnetic fishing game takes a lot of energy to sew so we’ve done it for you! This game provides endless hours of creative play even while you’re away from home for work. For the “fun facts card” that comes along with this project, not only your kids, but also parents like you will learn more about the surprising marine life!


Kit contains:



Let's take a closer look at the aquatic animals!


What to learn?

-  Recognize aquatic animals
-  Develop fine motor skills while using the fishing rod to catch the animals
-  Practice number sequencing as your kid count the animals (to level up, work on odds and evens!)
-  Aid language development and story telling skills as your kid engage in imaginative play with the animals


Level up the game!

-  Use a timer, the person with the quickest time to catch all animals wins
-  Collect shells from the beach, place it along the edge of blue felt to make the game more realistic


Acknowledgements & disclaimer: These guides are developed by Moinàrchy. All activities are intended for use with children under adult supervision with due diligence.


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