Handheld whirlwind vacuum cleaner



Difficulty: ★★★★★
What's your way to motivate kids to do boring chores? Inspire by letting them contribute and create homemade household appliances, let them be part of something greater than themselves! You won't be able to clean the entire home with this homemade vacuum cleaner, but it will give your kid a good idea how the mechanics of vacuum cleaners work :) You’ll be surprised to see how much your kid enjoy vacuuming with his/her very own cordless creation.

CAUTION: Keep equipment away from water.


Kit contains:

Materials of DIY handmade handheld portable cordless vacuum cleaner with child
  • Cup with exhaust holes
  • Vacuum filter
  • Fan blade
  • Motor
  • Motor holder
  • Nylon cable tie
  • Battery holder with red and black conducting wires
  • Plastic cylinder bottle (Add-on | Or please prepare a recycled one. The diameter of the bottle that come into contact to the cup has to be within 6-7cm)
  • AA alkaline batteries x 2 (Add-on)
  • Cutter / knife / scissor (Add-on)



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Level up the game!

Challenge your child to decide on which kind of recycled bottles to use for the vacuum cleaner (tips: cylinder is key), let them measure with ruler / soft tape rule and do the math themselves.


Acknowledgements & disclaimer: These guides are developed by Moinàrchy. All activities are intended for use with children under adult supervision with due diligence.


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