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Play Experience Worth Sharing

Mochy Kid (previously Moinàrchy) creates play experience worth sharing for young creators aged 3-12, by offering DIY STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) activity kits and teaching supplies. Our kits assist children to master every interesting theory behind their everyday life.

Our toy design team include child psychologists, teachers, parents and kid reviewers! We have been featured in over 25 platforms, e.g. Sassymama, Playtimes, Smart Parents, etc.

As parents, we should expose our kids consciously to experience that lies outside of our own experience to prepare them for their future career. Mochy Kid enjoys supporting your kids to learn in a joyful way and help enhance their future competitiveness. Allow us to make your kid's learning path fun and get ready to fall seriously in love with us!

Make life exploration fun with our STEM activity kits today - let's achieve at playtime! 



Our Logo & Unicorn Jaden

'Mochy Kid' is the shortened form of our previous brand name 'Moinàrchy'.

Unicorn symbolizes infinite possibilities and has always been the mascot of Mochy Kid. The new Fire Coral color scheme is spirited, adventurous and energized, representing Mochy Kid’s passion to create exciting exploratory experience


The co-founders of Mochy Kid have always been prioritizing gender equality. To move beyond the gender stereotype, Mochy Kid’s existing unicorn character has took on a unisex name – Unicorn Jaden.



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