STEM Toy Subscription ($139+ /mo) (Age 2-3)

Get your monthly subscription of sensory crafts (e.g. weaving felt craft) delivered to your home. Your child can gain different skills (e.g. fine motor, sorting, sequencing, counting, matching & ordering, early engineering skills, etc.) from each month's box. Parents & child experts-reviewed playbox for budding explorers!

What's inside?
•  1-2 hands-on stimulative sensory play or simple craft (age-specific)
•  Instruction manual for parents - with suggested ways to play and utilize the tools provided (yes, parents, you can homeschool your toddlers!)

When's the delivery?
Every mid-month.

Mama's tip
Very limited monthly availability. High parent involvement - a must that parents should explore the pack with toddlers. No auto renewal :)

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