Mochy Kid (previously Moinàrchy) featured in SASSY MAMA HK

by Julie Hansberry July 20, 2016

Mochy Kid (previously Moinàrchy) featured in SASSY MAMA HK


"Your little ones aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy these kits! Teens, tweens, mamas and papas alike get to enjoy what Moinarchy offers"

"If you don’t fancy a monthly subscription, you can buy individual sets of activities and experiments such as: creating a desk lamp, a vacuum cleaner, a snow castle, a fruit battery circuit, and a FBI Fingerprint Detector"


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About Moinàrchy (MIY): Moinàrchy is Hong Kong’s first monthly subscription of children’ activity kits on science, technology, engineering & craft, delivered to door internationally. The play-based learning sets are designed for young creators aged 2-18. With no travel hassle, Moinàrchy foster children to learn through play at their own pace, achieve things off-screen, bond with parents, expand career awareness and enhance future competitiveness at early age.

Julie Hansberry
Julie Hansberry


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