Cyberport Halloween workshop on Oct 30

Cyberport Halloween workshop on Oct 30

by Alex McFadyen October 07, 2016


"In the coming Halloween, The Arcade ‘STEM Academy’ will break the tradition of trick-or-treating, pumpkins, candies and spiders, and instead will introduce children into a digital world, where they can apply imagination with logic, and celebrate Halloween like they have never before.  

Following the ‘Moon Rover Challenge’, The Arcade will team up with Moinàrchy, Children’s Science Academy, and host the ‘Halloween Fun Digital Workshop’ on 30th of October. Combining art and technology, it aims to inspire children to use their imagination and build their own Halloween robot. Furthermore, the workshop will also feature the ‘Mensa Myth & Tricks’, where members of the high IQ society Mensa will unveil their mathematical secrets by teaching children a fun way of learning math. If the children managed to pass the 30 minutes in-house test, they’ll even receive an assessment chart, paving the way for future studying. Moreover, an interactive zone will also be included, where through augmented reality (AR) and hologram technologies, can transport you to a secret village, and tackle the many challenges presented to you."


Registration details (First-come first-served!)

Date & time: Oct 30, 2016 | 1-6pm (1 hour per session)

Venue: Ocean View Court, The Arcade (100 Cyberport Road)

Enquiries: (852) 3166 3111

Registration form for doodling ghost robot workshop (age 8 up): 

Registration form for Mensa IQ class (age 6 up): (registration to open Oct 14 by Cyberport)

Relevant event link:


About Moinàrchy (MIY): Moinàrchy offers play-based STEAM learning kits for young creators aged 2-18 internationally. With no travel hassle, Moinàrchy foster children to learn proactively through play at their own pace, achieve things off-screen, bond with parents, expand career awareness and enhance future competitiveness at early age.

Alex McFadyen
Alex McFadyen


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